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While I’ve been MIA…


O.M.G. It bas been a long time!

I have been totally (well not totally, but on this blog) MIA for over six months! The last time I posted, it was the middle of summer and the USWNT had just owned the World Cup! Since then…

We went to wedding in Nebraska…

One more with the Bride and Groom! #weddingweekend #happilyeverafter #celebrate

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And then one in Indiana the next day.

Momma and Jordan! #MacKenji #weddingweekend #celebrate #latergram

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We actually flew into Louisville, so we also spent a day a exploring.

My Dad’s baseball card! #leaveyourmark #LAAngels #LouisvilleSlugger #ToppsBaseballCards

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After Louisville, Jordan came back to Canada with us!

Jordan running on the #Seawall. #StanleyPark #Running #RunLove #BlackandWhite #latergram #vancity

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Nathalie and Teddy joined the party a few days later!


A few days after Nat, Jordan, and Teddy left, Kyle and I were off to Orlando for Kyle’s teacher’s conference. Since my mom’s family lives in Orlando, we arrived early and left late so we can see the cutest baby in the world, spend time with family, and enter a magical world.

Just a little girl in a tutu! #adrianatilstra #kids #tutu #Sonya6000 #baby

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In between fam hang time in Orlando, we stepped aboard and sailed off to the Bahamas for Kyle’s conference. When we got back to the mainland, we had another magical day!


The next day we had to say goodbye to the fam and get back to reality because school started the next week! Look what was in the mail when we got home!

And just like that summer was over and school begun…

Since school started, life has been incredibly crazy! Here’s a look at what we’ve done…

Traveled to Kelowna for a football tournament, gone back and forth between Vancouver countless times (mostly Kyle) for games, graded papers, dressed up like students for Halloween (that was me), started planning our summer Euro trip, travel to Alberta for a volleyball tournament (Kyle again), gone to more weddings, made lesson plans, opened a TPT store, gone to more tournaments, and the list goes on and on and on.

While work is non-stop, we’ve also done some fun things like…

Recreate childhood memories!

Spent Christmas with fam in Texas and Miami!

SANTA!!!!! You’re never to old to get a pressi from old Saint Nick! #merrychristmas

A photo posted by Janelle The Kay (@janelleruns) on

Said farewell to Kobe in Portlandia!

Celebrate birthdays!

Re-read a classic and understand it in a whole new light with an adult perspective.

And all of that gets us to now. In one post I basically recapped my 28th year of life. So far 29 is going very well and I am anxiously excited to see what is next to come.

**Sidenote** As you can see by my total lack of posting the past 7+ months, if you want to see what’s going on in my life check my Insta and my teaching blog!

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NTC Vancouver

Witnessing the Stars and Stripes win the World Cup wasn’t the only dream that came true this summer, I was also able to attend my first live NTC class! The Sunday before the World Cup Final I was perusing Twitter when I came across this tweet:
To say I was excited would be an understatement! Since Toronto is the only true Nike Store in Canada, awesome Nike experiences like this only come around with events like the World Cup! The day of the World Cup final Nike hosted two NTC workouts in The Nike Underground, one at 6am and one at 8:30. I tried to get into the 8:30am class but naturally it filled up first. Even though a 6am class meant waking up at 4:30 to drive the hour into the city, I wasn’t about to complain or not go!
After waiting out side of The Nike Underground for a few minutes we were ushered inside…
…to the other side, where Nike had turned the pitch into a NTC gym!
Hubert Kang Vancouver advertising sports documentary  photography video motion stills

Hubert Kang Vancouver advertising sports documentary photography video motion stills

After giving us a few moments to take some photos, the Nike crew continuing ushering us passed the pitch into a locker room where we each found a locker with our name on it…
IMG_2347…full of Nike goodies: a limited edition World Cup inspired sports bra, a tank, leggings, a water bottle, a tote, a towel, socks, and a pair of Nikes! What! How amazing is Nike…a free work plus a brand new outfit!!! #NikefortheWin


As soon as we were all changed into a new gear (and had taken a few photos), we were directed out to the pitch to start our workout. The workout was led by Toronto Master Trainer, Eva Redpath, and Chicago Master Trainer, Emily Hutchins. Canadian snowboarder, Spencer O’Brean was also there to help lead the sweat session! Carli Lloyd’s NTC was the inspiration for the workout (who knew what would happen in a just a few hours…maybe doing her workout before the game was good luck:).
Hubert Kang Vancouver advertising sports documentary  photography video motion stills

Hubert Kang Vancouver advertising sports documentary photography video motion stills

Hubert Kang Vancouver advertising sports documentary  photography video motion stills

Hubert Kang Vancouver advertising sports documentary photography video motion stills

Hubert Kang Vancouver advertising sports documentary  photography video motion stills

Hubert Kang Vancouver advertising sports documentary photography video motion stills

Hubert Kang Vancouver advertising sports documentary  photography video motion stills

Hubert Kang Vancouver advertising sports documentary photography video motion stills

To top it off, Nike also sent us a link to all of the photos taken during the workout by their professional photographers! Nike, thanks for such an awesome experience! All the wait (and the painfully early morning) was definitely worth it! With events like this it is easy to feel Nike’s passion for people, especially for women!
Nike, you are welcome back in Vancouver anytime!

P.S. Sorry for the major delay in writing this post. I actually was planning on posting it the week after the workout but I got a concussion and couldn’t get on the computer for a few weeks!

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The 2015 Vancouver Sun Run

Sun Run - Post Race

(Sarah and me in BC Place – she ran the race in under 48 minutes!)

I can’t believe it has already been two weeks since the 2015 Vancouver Sun Run. I’ll be honest, coming into this race I was quite unprepared and worried that I wouldn’t be able to run Canada’s largest 10k in under an hour. Prior to this run most of my runs were around a 10 – 10:30 minute/mile pace and I knew I would need a 9:40 or faster pace on race day.


After parking, we headed to the starting line with a quick bathroom break at the Fairmont. After Kyle walked me to the start and he settled into a Timmy’s booth to relax a.k.a. watch Netflix. Once I was in the corral it seemed like forever until the race started. As I was waiting I realized that my phone would not connected to YouTube/iTunes radio so I decided it was time to run without any distractions.

The Sun Run 10k Route

The race started out great and with each mile I was able to lower my average pace. As I came to the 5k mark and crossed the first bridge, I knew it was time to turn it up a notch and get down to a 9:40 pace. Around mile 4 I was still on tack for a sub-hour finish but I was hurting! But with only 2.2 miles left I knew I could hold my pace a little bit longer. I kept pushing it and slowly watched a few seconds fall off my average pace. Finally, I made it to the Cambie Street Bridge. The last bridge was a struggle and I knew I could not let off on my pace if I wanted to reach my goal. I continued to push to the finish and thankfully the finish line soon emerged. I knew it would be close…when I crossed over the timing mats my watch read 59:07!  

Sun Run Results

Woo hoo!!! I did it! Definitely wasn’t a P.R. but I made my goal.


Thank you, volunteers and all of the Sun Run team!!! Another great event and I can’t wait until next year (I will be training for a P.R.)!


Sidenote: As I stood in the middle of BC Place, I couldn’t help but stand in awe as I dreamt of the amazing things to come this summer during the Women’s World Cup!!! To say I am excited is an understatement! Let’s go, USWNT!!!


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{Fit Friday} Free Fitness Speedway Printable

Fitness Speedway - Title Photo

Happy Friday!

Today, I am sharing one of my favorite P.E. warm ups, Fitness Speedway. I love this warm up because it is easy for the kids to understand and keeps every student moving throughout the entire activity. Additionally, it is easily customizable. A major focus in my P.E. class is ownership of learning and empowering students with the knowledge and skills to live healthy lives once they leave school. This means giving the students the reins and letting them control the learning environment. Last year, I simply had the kids use white boards to write out four exercises. However, in the future I will laminate enough copies of this mini-poster for each pair and have students write the chosen exercises with vis-a-vis markers. If your students are not ready to create their our exercise routine, feel free to write four exercises on a white board or tell the students what to write on their poster.

Here’s the free Fitness Speedway printable. Just right-click + print!

Fitness Speedway - Janelle Runs-PE Warm Up

Using the Fitness Speedway printable in your classroom…

Step 1:

Save printable + Print on regular size paper – print one for every two students (i.e. if you have 30 students, make 15 copies)

Step 2:

Laminate or place in plastic sheet protector (I prefer laminating)

Step 3:

Have students write in four exercises using vis-a-vis markets. I generally have students do: 1 arm exercise (i.e. crab toe touches), 1 leg exercise (i.e. squat jumps), 1 core (i.e. Russian twist), and 1 total body (i.e. burpees). I try to emphasize the importance of a balance workout.

Step 4:

Go through the directions on the poster. I stress that the runner remains outside of the basketball court and that the stationary partner must exercise near the volleyball court.

Step 5:

Press play on the iPod and let the fun begin.

Step 6: 

Have students take + record heart rates, do a few cool down laps, clean posters, and be ready to transition to main learning activity.

**Disclaimer: Although I am a certified physical education teacher should you choose to do any of the workouts and/or training plans featured on this website, you do so at your own risk.**

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