While I’ve been MIA…


O.M.G. It bas been a long time!

I have been totally (well not totally, but on this blog) MIA for over six months! The last time I posted, it was the middle of summer and the USWNT had just owned the World Cup! Since then…

We went to wedding in Nebraska…

One more with the Bride and Groom! #weddingweekend #happilyeverafter #celebrate

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And then one in Indiana the next day.

Momma and Jordan! #MacKenji #weddingweekend #celebrate #latergram

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We actually flew into Louisville, so we also spent a day a exploring.

My Dad’s baseball card! #leaveyourmark #LAAngels #LouisvilleSlugger #ToppsBaseballCards

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After Louisville, Jordan came back to Canada with us!

Jordan running on the #Seawall. #StanleyPark #Running #RunLove #BlackandWhite #latergram #vancity

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Nathalie and Teddy joined the party a few days later!


A few days after Nat, Jordan, and Teddy left, Kyle and I were off to Orlando for Kyle’s teacher’s conference. Since my mom’s family lives in Orlando, we arrived early and left late so we can see the cutest baby in the world, spend time with family, and enter a magical world.

Just a little girl in a tutu! #adrianatilstra #kids #tutu #Sonya6000 #baby

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In between fam hang time in Orlando, we stepped aboard and sailed off to the Bahamas for Kyle’s conference. When we got back to the mainland, we had another magical day!


The next day we had to say goodbye to the fam and get back to reality because school started the next week! Look what was in the mail when we got home!

And just like that summer was over and school begun…

Since school started, life has been incredibly crazy! Here’s a look at what we’ve done…

Traveled to Kelowna for a football tournament, gone back and forth between Vancouver countless times (mostly Kyle) for games, graded papers, dressed up like students for Halloween (that was me), started planning our summer Euro trip, travel to Alberta for a volleyball tournament (Kyle again), gone to more weddings, made lesson plans, opened a TPT store, gone to more tournaments, and the list goes on and on and on.

While work is non-stop, we’ve also done some fun things like…

Recreate childhood memories!

Spent Christmas with fam in Texas and Miami!

SANTA!!!!! You’re never to old to get a pressi from old Saint Nick! #merrychristmas

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Said farewell to Kobe in Portlandia!

Celebrate birthdays!

Re-read a classic and understand it in a whole new light with an adult perspective.

And all of that gets us to now. In one post I basically recapped my 28th year of life. So far 29 is going very well and I am anxiously excited to see what is next to come.

**Sidenote** As you can see by my total lack of posting the past 7+ months, if you want to see what’s going on in my life check my Insta and my teaching blog!

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The 15ers!

It’s not too early for a TBT, is it? I am still trying to believe that that game was real and not just a magical dream! How can it be that in just 16 minutes 16 years of wait was over!!!

The newly crowed champions, the 15ers!!

Since I was eleven, I have dreamt of cheering on the Stars and Stripes in a World Cup final. While it was awesome to cheer them on in the group stage (and see Abby score her final World Cup goal), the final was absolutely unreal! 4-0 in the first 16 minutes, yeah it’s gonna to be hard to top this performance!

WWC2015 - USA first goal celebration

Celebration after the first goal!!!

WWC2015 - USA second goal celebration

Second goal…I was (and still am) in shock!!! Best. Game. Ever.

WWC2015, Final ticket

Don’t mind me, I am just checking things off my bucket list…

WWC2015 - USA Flag

The energy inside the stadium was absolutely electric, American fans were everywhere! Even though we were up 4-0 16 minutes in, we still had 75 minutes of soccer to enjoy. Plus being as superstitious as I am, I couldn’t let myself celebrate until the final whistle.

WWC2015 - USA Victory

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! So many happy (and loud) Americans when the ref finally blew the final whistle!


Such a great moment – while others celebrated with their families Meghan Klingenberg and Becky Sauerbrunn celebrated with the fans by taking a victory lap around the stadium! I though it was very classy:) And Abby followed suit after the medal ceremony!



It’s been four days and I still cannot believe it! As soon as I got home I watched and re-watched in slow motion all of the goals. Since then I have been in a USWNT interview vortex:) This gave will forever be a cherished memory!

WWC2015 - VP and Sasha Obama

Last one, the best photo I could get of Vice President Biden and Sasha Obama:)

P.S. I definitely rank Carli Lloyd’s performance as one of the greatest championship performances of all time (regardless of sport and gender).

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The Nike Underground, Vancouver, B.C.

With Vancouver in World Cup mode, it is only natural that Nike would swoop in and do something amazing. Enter, The Nike Underground.

The Nike Underground, Entrance

Nike never ceases to amaze me with their creativity and innovation! This time around, Nike has literally turned a parking garage into an unforgettable soccer experience!

#NoMaybes, The Nike Underground

Upon entering, the first thing you see is the #NoMaybes wall. You can proudly show your colors by signing the wall! I signed, #WeWantThreeStars:)

The Nike Underground

To the left you can check out Nike’s team kits, buy custom gear , and test out some Nike boots.

The Nike Underground, TEAM USA Kit

I must say our blue kit is so fresh and definitely one of my favorites but I am a little biased. But real talk, Nike’s kits are boss!


Behind the wall of boots, you can buy a few Nike pieces. If you are looking to buy a World Cup souvenir, look no further. Even though Nike is not the official apparel sponsor, I say buy something here rather than at the stadium (the stadium gear is so underwhelming). Since I am too superstitions to buy something before the tournament is over, I got Kyle this sweet Canada shirt.

The Nike Underground, Custom shirt

Last but not least, Nike has even set up a mini pitch for you to test out Nike gear and play some pick-up.

The Nike Underground, Pitch

The Nike Underground is a must for any World Cup fan! Click here to get a QR code and details about opening times.

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What better way to kick off game-day celebrations with some #FBF photos from the USA v. Nigeria group stage game! Attending this game was literally a 16-year-old dream come true! When I was eleven I proudly watched the USWNT claim the coveted World Cup crown! Today, we take on China, a repeat of the 1999 final. Bring it on!!!



Can you believe there were 52,000+ people (mostly Americans!) at the game. Absolutely incredible and shows that women’s soccer is totally worth watching (see Really with Seth and Amy)!!!WWC 2015, USA v. Nigeria


Alright Abby and Team USA, time to do work!!! And if you need a little extra support, don’t forget that you have about 330 million people behind you (#ComeTogether)!!!

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Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 10.33.10 PM


The countdown is over, the 2015 Women’s World Cup has begun! I have literally waited 16 years for the opportunity to witness the Stars and Stripes play for the World Cup trophy! It all started with the 99ers and the amazing journey they took America on in the summer of 1999. Since then I’ve been dreaming of attending the Women’s World Cup. Being the planner that I am, as soon as I knew we were moving to Canada (actually as soon as I started dating a Canadian) I started counting down to this event.



As the tournament kicks off, my excitement is getting a little out of control:) Not only do I get to see the USWNT play in Vancouver Plus but I also get to experience the action as a volunteer at BC Place. Basically, my life will revolve around soccer for the next month (minus the time I am in California for my brother’s graduation)!

Any who, it is definitely my bed time. Tomorrow is my first shift as a volunteer then just one more day ’til USWNT begins their journey to end a 16 year drought! All I can say is, #WeWantThreeStars!!!

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