{Explore} Shanghai on my Mind

Shanghai on My Mind

>>>Wanderlust Wednesday<<<

In an effort to satisfy my travel bug, every other day so often I go online and plan a trip. Generally, I dream of crossing items off my travel bucket with itineraries that include driving through Europe, hiking to Machu Picchu, cruising in the Caribbean and running 26.2 miles through the boroughs of New York City. However during my recent daydreaming sessions, all I want to do is go back to Shanghai and experience China all over again. What can I say? Absence really does make the heart grow fonder:)

Every traveler has a different relationship with the foreign cities encountered during their adventures. Some cities we are happy to see for a day or two and then move on. Other cities touch our souls and keep a piece of our hearts as we depart. Throughout my travels I’ve been blessed to have had many cities come in and out of my live, leaving beautiful memories and a strong desire to return. But none have impacted me quite like Shanghai.

While living in China, Shanghai become our connection to the Western world. And what started as an escape from Chinese cuisine quickly grew into something deeper and more intimate, Shanghai become our home. I am sure those of you who have lived overseas can understand this connection.

It’s deep.

It’s tangible.

It’s forever.

And you are left with an insatiable desire to experience it all over again.

So as I dwell in wanderlust for our Chinese home, I am comforted by the hope that on day soon, when our student loans are paid off, I will be reunited with the city that stole my heart and I’ll have the chance to fall in love all over again!

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Day 305: Recovery yoga with some bouts of jump rope with my students!

305 days! I cannot believe there are only 60 days left in 2013. Since I am still in recovery mode from the Nike Women’s Marathon, I have been trying to take it pretty easy with slow runs and lots of yoga. Today, I hit up lululemon’s YouTube feed to get my yoga on. This is a fantastic recovery routine!


I thought you guys may enjoy this awesome time lapse video of Shanghai. Recently, my heart has been aching for this beautiful city and our amazing students we left behind. Until we are able to return I will watch and watch again as I relive our amazing year in China!

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/63635193]

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Updates!! {Family Trip to China}

Wow! It has been quite a busy week and a half.  My family came to visit Kyle and I for a week and a half, which has left little time to workout* and even less time to blog!

Last weekend we rushed to Beijing for a jam packed 3 days of pandas, the Great Wall, shopping in the Silk Market, and lots & lots of walking!  After a busy but amazing weekend, Kyle and I came back to Kunshan to start another week of teaching.   The next morning the fam flew off to Xi’an to explore the ancient city and see the Terracotta Warriors.

Wednesday they flew back to Shanghai, so Kyle and I escaped to the city to join them as soon as the school bell rang!  Thursday & Friday we stayed here in Kunshan, introducing my parents and brother to our kids and co-teachers while showing them our wonderful city.  Friday proved to be another busy day with t-shirt decorating (for field day), children’s day (= movies and floats), and a school wide talent show. Their final weekend here was spent exploring the amazing city of Shanghai (who am I kidding we spent most of the time shopping in the fake markets).

It was such a wonderful, wonderful visit.  I did not want to say goodbye!  However, only 25 days until Kyle and I are back in the USA!!!! We CANNOT wait!!!

{as you can imagine with all the traveling plus end of year school stuff I have been very swamped for time.  hopefully I can have up details of our travels and adventures in the next couple of days}

*Even though I have been stretched for time to actually do a true workout, each day I have tried to be very active by using my nike+ pedometer.  Here are the details of my activity:

Friday June 1, 2012 – 7,861 – 3.39 miles
Saturday June 2, 2012 – 1,154 (oops my iPod died Saturday, but we walked a very similar amount as Sunday) – .50 miles
Sunday June 3, 2012 – 12,986 – 5.38 miles
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The Best Burger in Shanghai!

If you have been searching for an amazing burger in Shanghai look no further! Kyle and I found Bistro Burger by accident while we were on a quest for yummy mexican food and let me tell you what a wonderful surprise it was!  These burgers are not just China good, they are American good!!! Bisto Burger is located in the former French Concession and is just a short walk from a few metro stops.  More on directions at the end of this post.

*we did not try the milkshakes since I was on my Lent challenge both times we have eaten here…next time!*

my favorite: The Hippie Veggie Burger

our salad ~ a true salad is a rarity here in China

Kyle’s burger + fries

*as I post this Kyle looked at this picture and said, “ahh, I could go for that burger again.”*

My veggie burger – literally the best tofu burger I have EVER had!!!

Now that your mouth is watering let me tell you how to get there:

Metro Line 1: you can also get there on line 2 (Jing’an Temple Station), but I think line 1 is closer and a bit more convenient if you are coming from Shanghai Railway Station.

*Metro Stop: Changshu Road

*Station Exit: take exit 1 out of the Changshu Road Station

*Once outside turn left onto Huating Road 

*Then you will turn right onto Yanqing Road 

*Just keep walking until you come to a intersection with a number of restaurants.  Cantina Agave (a delicious Mexican eatery, look for a review soon) is one of the restaurants you will see.

*Once here just keep walking around the corner and tah dah you are there!

Click here for the address in Chinese characters to show a taxi driver.

Cost: about 60/70rmb per burger (about 10usd)

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Hostel Review: Mingtown Nanjing Road Youth Hostel, Shanghai, China

(photo credit: hostelworld)

Name: Mingtown Nanjing Road Youth Hostel

Location: East Nanjing Road, Shanghai, China

Amenities: Restaurant, TV, Wi-Fi, English Speaking receptionists, Rec Room

Distance to the attractions & MTR:  This hostel is just around the corner from the East Nanjing MTR Station, making it an ideal location and easy to get to all the city’s main attractions.  The famous East Nanjing Road is the next street over with great shopping and delicious restaurants.  And don’t forget about the the beautiful Bund, it is only a short 10-15 minute walk away!

Cost: $7 – $27 USD/person/night ~ depending on if you want a dorm styled room, a private room, or a deluxe private room.  

Book at: www.hostelworld.com

(photo credit: hostels)
Traveler’s Insight: 
Whenever Kyle and I want to getaway to the city, this is always our accommodation of choice!  It is located perfectly on the MRT Line 2, which take us to all our favorite Shanghai locations (Shanghai markets, People’s Square, the Pearl Tower, etc…).  This hostel is very up to date, has spacious rooms, big beds, and nice showers.  In most ways it feels like a hotel that has a hostel atmosphere.  All in all, I would recommend this hostel to anyone staying in Shanghai.
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