What better way to kick off game-day celebrations with some #FBF photos from the USA v. Nigeria group stage game! Attending this game was literally a 16-year-old dream come true! When I was eleven I proudly watched the USWNT claim the coveted World Cup crown! Today, we take on China, a repeat of the 1999 final. Bring it on!!!



Can you believe there were 52,000+ people (mostly Americans!) at the game. Absolutely incredible and shows that women’s soccer is totally worth watching (see Really with Seth and Amy)!!!WWC 2015, USA v. Nigeria


Alright Abby and Team USA, time to do work!!! And if you need a little extra support, don’t forget that you have about 330 million people behind you (#ComeTogether)!!!

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A Magical Day at Disneyland!

IMG_0119.JPGMom and me at DisneylandMain Street U.S.A. + DavidMinnie + the Castle, DisneylandIMG_0033.JPGJordan and Janelle + Nat and YodaPaint the Night, DisneylandIMG_0125.JPG

Thank you, Momma for a magical day at Disneyland! Only 52 days until the Magic Kingdom!

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Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 10.33.10 PM


The countdown is over, the 2015 Women’s World Cup has begun! I have literally waited 16 years for the opportunity to witness the Stars and Stripes play for the World Cup trophy! It all started with the 99ers and the amazing journey they took America on in the summer of 1999. Since then I’ve been dreaming of attending the Women’s World Cup. Being the planner that I am, as soon as I knew we were moving to Canada (actually as soon as I started dating a Canadian) I started counting down to this event.



As the tournament kicks off, my excitement is getting a little out of control:) Not only do I get to see the USWNT play in Vancouver Plus but I also get to experience the action as a volunteer at BC Place. Basically, my life will revolve around soccer for the next month (minus the time I am in California for my brother’s graduation)!

Any who, it is definitely my bed time. Tomorrow is my first shift as a volunteer then just one more day ’til USWNT begins their journey to end a 16 year drought! All I can say is, #WeWantThreeStars!!!

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The 2015 Vancouver Sun Run

Sun Run - Post Race

(Sarah and me in BC Place – she ran the race in under 48 minutes!)

I can’t believe it has already been two weeks since the 2015 Vancouver Sun Run. I’ll be honest, coming into this race I was quite unprepared and worried that I wouldn’t be able to run Canada’s largest 10k in under an hour. Prior to this run most of my runs were around a 10 – 10:30 minute/mile pace and I knew I would need a 9:40 or faster pace on race day.


After parking, we headed to the starting line with a quick bathroom break at the Fairmont. After Kyle walked me to the start and he settled into a Timmy’s booth to relax a.k.a. watch Netflix. Once I was in the corral it seemed like forever until the race started. As I was waiting I realized that my phone would not connected to YouTube/iTunes radio so I decided it was time to run without any distractions.

The Sun Run 10k Route

The race started out great and with each mile I was able to lower my average pace. As I came to the 5k mark and crossed the first bridge, I knew it was time to turn it up a notch and get down to a 9:40 pace. Around mile 4 I was still on tack for a sub-hour finish but I was hurting! But with only 2.2 miles left I knew I could hold my pace a little bit longer. I kept pushing it and slowly watched a few seconds fall off my average pace. Finally, I made it to the Cambie Street Bridge. The last bridge was a struggle and I knew I could not let off on my pace if I wanted to reach my goal. I continued to push to the finish and thankfully the finish line soon emerged. I knew it would be close…when I crossed over the timing mats my watch read 59:07!  

Sun Run Results

Woo hoo!!! I did it! Definitely wasn’t a P.R. but I made my goal.


Thank you, volunteers and all of the Sun Run team!!! Another great event and I can’t wait until next year (I will be training for a P.R.)!


Sidenote: As I stood in the middle of BC Place, I couldn’t help but stand in awe as I dreamt of the amazing things to come this summer during the Women’s World Cup!!! To say I am excited is an understatement! Let’s go, USWNT!!!


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{Eats} Banana Hemp Heart Muffins + Hemp Heart Give-a-way

Hemp Heart Give-a-Way

A few weeks ago Manitoba Harvest sent me a bag of Hemp Hearts to test out and review on the blog. Hemp Hearts’ claim to fame is being an excellent source of protein and omega 3 & 6. You can cook or bake with it or simply sprinkle some on top of your favorite food. Even though I’ve sampled them a few times at Costco, this was my first time cooking/baking with Hemp Hearts. I was excited to try something new!

Hemp Hearts Give-a-way

After looking through some recipes, I decided on this Banana Hemp Heart Muffins recipe. These muffins were super easy to make and a perfect snack. I especially thought they were delicious fresh out of the oven, topped with Earth Balance:) Sidebar: If you are looking for something a little bit sweet, I’d add a bit of maple syrup.


I still have a little bit left in my sample bag so I am looking forward to testing out a few more recipes and sprinkling it on our favorite Oh She Glows soups.

Now that I’ve tried it, I’ll definitely buy it again in the future! If you want to see what Hemp Hearts are all about you can buy a bag here or test your luck and enter the give-a-way for a free bag (or do both:)!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This give-a-way is sponsored by Manitoba Harvest and is open to any U.S. or Canadian resident:) Good luck!

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