Janelle for Fan of the Games!

Well the Games are over and now that I am 26 I think it is time to accept the fact that I will never be an Olympic medalist. I am just too old… I mean come on, Julia Lipnitskaia is 15! If only my parents had kept me in gymnastics:)

Oh but wait, just as I was losing hope of Olympic glory, Team USA announced that they are looking for the Fan of the Games! I may not be talented enough to medal in one of the traditional Olympic disciplines but my Team USA fandom is definitely worthy of some hardware!! If you want to help Team USA find their number 1 fan (me) I would greatly appreciate it!

All you gotta do is watch this…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UD9C5wqE6g&w=480&h=360]

And retweet this…

See, easy as pie!

Your views and retweets are greatly appreciated!!

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Adios, Sochi…

Good Morning from the Great White North. It is 5 am and we are up watching the gold medal game. As a Team USA hockey fan the last few days have been a little rough. Especially for this American girl living in Canada…..in the basement of a half Finnish family:)


(Texting with Kirsi)

Anyways, what I really woke up to watch was Team USA’s last event, the 4-man bobsled (or should I say bobsleigh). We started the morning in 4th and slid our way onto the podium…making it well worth the lack of sleep. I was very proud that we ended with the Games with a medal. And now begins the wait for 2016!

Bobsleigh - Winter Olympics Day 16

I am sorry for very sporadic posting. My slight obsession with the Olympics, the final week of my grad class, work, and a volleyball tournament at Kyle’s school this weekend has left me little time to have fun blogging.

Let me leave you with a photo featuring Team USA’s medal moments:)

Team USA Sochi Medal Moments

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Vegan Cashew Stuffed Shells

Vegan Recipe 7/52: Cashew Stuffed ShellsVegan Stuff Shells, Vegan Manicotti

Two thumbs up for another awesome vegan recipe! This one is from The Simple Veganista (I will definitely be getting recipes from her again!). Initially it was suppose to be an manicotti recipe but I realized I forgot to buy manicotti shells as I was pulling out of Superstore’s parking lot. As previously stated this is a yummy recipe. My only complaint is the price of cashews. Next time I need to remember to just buy cashew pieces. Same taste, much cheaper cost.

Click here for the recipe!

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America, it is time to fall in love with hockey. If that game did not do the trick I am not sure you have a heart. What a triller!! I think my heart has finally stopped racing and returned to a normal pace. T.J. Oshie & Jonathan Quick, you are my heroes!!! Ahhh….I am still in shock…if only it was the gold medal game:) Now as excited as I am we still  have work to do if we want to bring home some hardware.

Oshie, Team USA


If you missed the action you can watch Oshie’s four epic shootgoals here.

In other news…I am pulling out of my first half of2014. Kyle and I were all set to run the Birch Bay Half with a handful of friends but unfortunately injury has plagued a number of us and only Dauncey will be racing tomorrow. I have not ran since last Sunday because I have had a terrible pain in my right hip (due to lack of post run stretching….oops). I was hoping a week off and stretching would heal me but no luck. Kyle on the other hand is not hurt at all. Instead, he realized Canada is playing Finland during the run and has decided he would prefer to sit this one out:) Haha, what a true Canuck.

P.S. I was planning to go to bed early so I can wake up at 4:30 to watch Team USA hockey but now I am engulfed in Bode Miller’s race:) Thankfully, I have a day off on Monday so it is ok if I trade sleep for some live Olympic coverage. #usallday and night, apparently.

UPDATE….totally worth staying up…this was an epic race!!

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Sweep City!!!

Woo HOOO!!! It’s a great day to be an American!! This morning I woke up at 5am to workout and cheer on Team USA. To say it was a good morning is an understatement!!!!

Yes, that single “favorite” is from Joss Christensen himself! What a guy, going through a favoriting all the tweets American’s around the world sent him.

@thejanellekay #usallday #sochi2014


“Now I am not saying #teamusa sweep the ski slopestyle because I painted my nails#redgoldandblue…..all I know is I painted my nails last night then woke up to a epic slopestyle competition and a 7-1 defeat to start Olympic hockey.#superstitious #sochi2014”

Team USA Slopestyle Sweep


When it comes to the Olympics, three USA flags  is the most beautiful thing you can see!!!

Joss Christensen Medal Ceremony

Also….a 7-1 win to start the hockey tournament…yeah I’ll take that.

Jonathan Quick


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