{Motivational Monday} The Words of Dr. King

Today we pause to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King’s life and words are as potent today as when he lived half a century ago. His inspiration continues to touch lives and serve as a reminder that there is still great work to be done!

Martin Luther King Jr. Quote


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{TBT} Rachelle + Jo’s Wedding

Happy Throwback Thursday! Today I want to share some photos from Kyle’s sister’s wedding last July. Rachelle and Jo got married in Edmonton at the Art Gallery of Alberta. I hope you enjoy my #TBT photos!





Wedding photos taken by In the Moment Photography

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{Sweat} What’s in My Gym Bag…

Guess who joined a gym yesterday…this girl! For the past two years I have been a workout-at-home kinda gal. I didn’t want to shell the money when I had good thing going working out at home + running outside. But recently I realized that I get a discounted student rate with my student ID + if I go 120+ times in a year our health insurance nearly helps cover the entire bill. Woo Hoo! Now I can swim, skate, attend fitness classes, and have access to equipment and machines whenever I want (well between the hours of 5:30am – midnight).

Even though I ran this morning with Marie, I wanted to give the gym a test run this evening. After a full day of grad work, football, and red carpets I decided to relax on the elliptical while Kyle played drop-in basketball. Once we got there I realized that I was quite unprepared. I came without a bag or money for a locker so I ended up throwing my stuff on the ground and lugging it around while checked the facility out. I definitely felt out-of-place and it made me miss our days in China when I was working out at a fitness center on a regular basis. My bag was always packed and ready to taken to the gym. Anyways, my inconvenience at the gym gave me motivation for tonight’s post, a reminder of what I need to pack in my gym bag…

What's in my gym bag...

What’s in my gym bag… by janellethek

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{Explore} Must-do Activities for Every Banff Itinerary

Happy Wednesday, time to let the wanderlusting begin…

Kay Family - Lake Louise

Greetings from the Great White North. After a busy holiday of traveling in Alberta and Texas, I am finally home and have some free time to write about our vacation. Our adventures included Christmas celebrations in Alberta with Kyle’s family and New Year’s in Texas with mine. It has been nonstop excitement:) As much I as I would love to share al the details of our journey, I think I’ll just stick to our time in Canmore and share some fun activities for future Canmore travelers.

Lake Louise Danger Thin Ice

Ice Skating in Banff.

Must-do Activities for every Banff Itinerary!

Lake Louise {Ice Skating, Sledding, Hiking, Sleigh Rides, Sipping Hot Drinks}

Lake Louise is always a must when in Banff. Although I have been to the lake several times, I had not skated on the frozen lake. So as soon as we decided to go to Canmore, this was #1 on my to-do list. Even if skating isn’t your thing there are other fun wintry activities for all.

Lake Louise Ice Skating

Just doing some tricks in front of my ice castle:)

Elevation Place – {Fitness Center, Rock climbing, Swimming/Mini Water Park}

Elevation Place is Canmore’s rec center and it is a beauty. There is something for everyone. Whether you want to workout, rock, swim laps, relax in the steam room, or use the free wi-fi, I promised you won’t be bored.


Here’s a shot of the mini water park and one section of the rock climbing wall.


Fun in the Snow.. from c0achkay on Vimeo.

Banff Hot Springs

Soaking in the hot springs was on our initial to-do list. However, once we realized that Elevation Place had a hot tub (for the adults) and a water park (for the kids) we changed our plans.

Wandering around the Town of Banff {Brunch at Touloulou’s}

Another great activity is wandering around the picturesque Town of Banff. The ladies (+ Jo) went out for brunch at Touloulou’s, a place I would definitely recommend, and then did a little shopping. Although it was brutally cold, we enjoy walking along main street and checking out the shops. I picked up Jordan and Nathalie a pair of classic Bay socks (mens + women’s), the perfect stocking stuff with subtle Canadian flare.



A list of things to do in Banff would be incomplete without mentioning skiing/snowboarding. I have not actually snowboarded in Banff but Kyle has and Sunshine Village is his fav.

Janelle - Narnia - Lake Louise

I stepped through a wardrobe and ended up here…

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Hello, 2015!

Happy (late) New Year!


Greetings from Texas! I know I am a few days late in wishing you a Happy New Years and sharing my goals and dreams from 2015. Better late then never, right? In the past my goals have focused on fitness and nutrition goals but this year my focus is a bit different. Of course I still have goals for my physical health but I am more focused on career and experience aspirations.


My goals for 2015…

1) Receive my Masters in Wellness and Lifestyle Management

Not only is this is my number one goal for 2015 but receiving my diploma will be one of my greatest life accomplishments. As of today, I only have one course and my capstone project to complete and then I am DONE! I cannot believe that the finish is finally in sight! And once I cross the line you better believe I am heading to Disneyland to celebrate!

2) Start a career in Wellness

My second goal for 2015 is to officially start a career in Wellness. As a physical education teacher I’ve had the opportunity to implement Wellness strategies within the school setting but I would like to take it a step further. Ideally, I would love to begin a career as a wellness specialist for a university or school district. However, I will beyond happy to land a job anywhere within the realm of health and wellness.

3) Write for an online Health and Wellness website/blog

Writing is one of my favorite ways to combine my love for educating and advocating healthy living. After blogging for a few years, I would like to expand my writing ability by collaborating with other writers as a way to enrich the lives of others.

4) Start blogging on a regular basis

If you are a Janelle Runs reader, you know how irregular my blogging has become recently. I blame a crazy schedule of teaching and school but the truth is that I haven’t kept blogging a top priority. I plan on changing this A.S.A.P. I want to create a blogging schedule and establish more connections with other bloggers and social media personalities. Be on the look out for new content including product reviews, in-depth race recaps, health and wellness resources for teachers and educators, personal total wellness tips, etc…

5) Set a Half Marathon P.R.

And because I need to have at least one fitness based goal, this year I will set a Half Marathon P.R. My goal is to run a Half faster than the men’s Marathon world record (2:02:57). My plan is to set a P.R. at Nike’s spring half marathon (if only they’d release some information).


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