The Nike Underground, Vancouver, B.C.

With Vancouver in World Cup mode, it is only natural that Nike would swoop in and do something amazing. Enter, The Nike Underground.

The Nike Underground, Entrance

Nike never ceases to amaze me with their creativity and innovation! This time around, Nike has literally turned a parking garage into an unforgettable soccer experience!

#NoMaybes, The Nike Underground

Upon entering, the first thing you see is the #NoMaybes wall. You can proudly show your colors by signing the wall! I signed, #WeWantThreeStars:)

The Nike Underground

To the left you can check out Nike’s team kits, buy custom gear , and test out some Nike boots.

The Nike Underground, TEAM USA Kit

I must say our blue kit is so fresh and definitely one of my favorites but I am a little biased. But real talk, Nike’s kits are boss!


Behind the wall of boots, you can buy a few Nike pieces. If you are looking to buy a World Cup souvenir, look no further. Even though Nike is not the official apparel sponsor, I say buy something here rather than at the stadium (the stadium gear is so underwhelming). Since I am too superstitions to buy something before the tournament is over, I got Kyle this sweet Canada shirt.

The Nike Underground, Custom shirt

Last but not least, Nike has even set up a mini pitch for you to test out Nike gear and play some pick-up.

The Nike Underground, Pitch

The Nike Underground is a must for any World Cup fan! Click here to get a QR code and details about opening times.

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{Sweat} What’s in My Gym Bag…

Guess who joined a gym yesterday…this girl! For the past two years I have been a workout-at-home kinda gal. I didn’t want to shell the money when I had good thing going working out at home + running outside. But recently I realized that I get a discounted student rate with my student ID + if I go 120+ times in a year our health insurance nearly helps cover the entire bill. Woo Hoo! Now I can swim, skate, attend fitness classes, and have access to equipment and machines whenever I want (well between the hours of 5:30am – midnight).

Even though I ran this morning with Marie, I wanted to give the gym a test run this evening. After a full day of grad work, football, and red carpets I decided to relax on the elliptical while Kyle played drop-in basketball. Once we got there I realized that I was quite unprepared. I came without a bag or money for a locker so I ended up throwing my stuff on the ground and lugging it around while checked the facility out. I definitely felt out-of-place and it made me miss our days in China when I was working out at a fitness center on a regular basis. My bag was always packed and ready to taken to the gym. Anyways, my inconvenience at the gym gave me motivation for tonight’s post, a reminder of what I need to pack in my gym bag…

What's in my gym bag...

What’s in my gym bag… by janellethek

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{Wanderlust Wednesday} #RunJavaIsland

Dear Nike

Dear Nike,

Happy National Running Day! In celebration of this awesome holiday, I figured there’s no time like now to ask you for a small favor:) Please pick me as one of the few lucky runners you’ll be taking to Java Island this summer. Since the launch of this contest I have dreamed of being selected. However, I knew that between working as a full-time middle school physical education teacher and attending graduate school there was no way I would be able to run enough miles to run my way to Indonesia. Instead, I decided I would just ask:) So here I am asking you to choose me.

Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

I know runners around the globe are asking you the same question, begging you to pick them. So why me? Well, I am glad you asked. For starters, this adventure is in my blood! This epic journey combines my heritage, Indonesia, and my greatest passion, running! My father and his family immigrated to Los Angeles from Jakarta when he was four years old. Since then he and his family have not returned. For as long as I can remember I have dreamt of traveling to the city and country that holds so much family history. Any chance to travel to the mother fatherland would be amazing, but to have the opportunity to experience the land of my ancestors along with my passion for running would be unforgettable and a true once in a lifetime experience.

The second reason you should pick me is because I am a dedicated Nike+ user. Since the start of my relationship with running I have been an avid Nike+ user. As Nike+ has evolved from a shoe pod + iPod to everything that it is today, I have also evolved from a complete non-runner to a two-time marathoner (including Nike Women’s Marathon last fall)! Nike+ has been there every step (literally) of the way, pushing me to be better than I was the day before. Each run it’s just Nike+ and me, logging mile after mile, day after day.

Not only am 1 dedicated to using Nike+ products but more importantly I am dedicated to the Nike+ mission of getting people moving! As a physical education teacher, wellness graduate student, and advocate of all things health and wellness, I dedicate every waking moment to the task of helping others live a healthy life. More specially, I am dedicate myself to the mission of inspiring people to start running.

I started running because I wanted to challenge myself and that is what inspires me to keep going! I love pushing the limits and testing my strength! My motto is run harder, faster, stronger! This adventure would push me to my limits and expand me in ways I could not imagine. I know you have countless requests and there are many worthy runners out there, so I am asking to take a chance on me. I promise I will live up to the challenge!

Yours Truly,


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Let the Games Begin…

Dear Members of the IOC (and Jordy),

I am greatly honored by the present you have given me for my 26th birthday, the start of the XXII Olympic Winter Games!


Janelle (a.k.a. the ultimate Team USA fan)


Maybe I’ll go to our rink in Abbotsford and do this tomorrow…I think the Canucks would throw me out…hehe

To say I am excited about the Winter Olympics is an understatement. Pretty much everything in my life over the next two weeks will revolve around the Games. And the awesome thing about being a physical education teacher is I can incorporate it into all of my lesson plans. Today we started our own Winter Olympics. I am having my kids choose a country that they will represent in our PE Olympics and do a little research about. Also, I organized a #redwhiteandblueday tomorrow. I have been promoting it all week wearing different USA clothes. Here’s a little preview of what I will be wearing to school tomorrow + a USA flag costumer…too much….more like is it enough??? (I may or may not be more excited about this than my students:)

Team USA 2014 Apparel, Nike

Well I am off to bed. But before I go the best tweet of the Olympics so far…none other than Stephan Colbert.

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Team USA | Sochi 2014

The Final countdown to Sochi 2014 has begun. 25 Days to go. I am getting ridiculously excited. Instead of reading for my class I am scouring the internet for the sweetest looking Team USA gear. My wish list is getting longer and longer. Luckily for me, my birthday is the day before the opening ceremonies:) Hehe.

Of course I wanted to share all of my favorite finds. How are you planning on showing your national pride throughout the winter games?? I would love to see your epic finds (Team USA or otherwise). Ok here it goes…

Team USA Repica Hockey Jersey | Nike | $70, $130Vintage USA Hockey Jersey Nike-USA-Replica-Mens-Hockey-Jersey-00028787X_USH_A

Unlike the summer games, there is really only one team sport and that is hockey. Since I live in Canada it seems like I should have a Team USA hockey jersey to make sure these Canucks know what I am all about. I love both of these jerseys but I am leaning towards the vintages one.

Wool USOC Hoodie | Nike | $90


I am loving this pullover! After the London Olympics I scored the podium jacket at the Nike Factory Store for a fraction of the retail price. I’ll have to keep my eyes out for this one…unless I just buy it now:)

Futura Leg-A-See Leggings | Nike | $45

Team USA Leggings

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! These would look so good with my Team USA jacket!

Headband, $12 | Nike Gloves, $45 | Team USA Scarf, $22

USA headbandNike-Inspired-Victory-USA-Gloves-NWGB4_912_ATeam USA Knit Scarf

Aren’t these super awesome cold gear accessories. I already bought myself the scarf and was going to buy the headband but it is sold out. Hopefully they restock soon. The gloves are look pretty cool but I cannot justify spending that much. Team USA also sales these gloves. But I just don’t think they are that cute, especially compared to Team Canada’s.

Women’s Team USA T-Shirts | $20, $25, $22

USA Ladies Peak Long Sleeve, Sochi, 2014USA Olympis T-Shirt USA Sochi Women's T-Shirt

I am really loving the first two. I also really like this men’s shirt from Nike.

Anyways, enough window shopping for me. Time to get back to being productive.

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