Kunshan Movie Theater, Butterfly Bay

Click here for information about movie times and cost.  Google Chrome will automatically translate the page.  If you do not use Chrome just search the website in Google search.  Once the results are in click “translate this page.”

American movies usually come out months after their original North American release date. (example: The Hunger Games was not released until mid June, months after its March 22 release in the USA).  However, if it is projected to be a huge movie in China it is released around the same date (i.e. The Avengers).

There are a few movie theaters in Kunshan but this is the only one we have gone to.  It is pretty much just like any movie theater at home.  Just beware, the movie etiquette that you are used to at home may not exist here.  For example, when Kyle and I went to see The Hunger Games there was a baby in the theater at 10:30pm, a guy who kept answering his phone, and another viewer eating extremely loud, crunchy food.

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